10 October, 2011

Celebrating...National Kick Butt Day

I use several resources to find "special occasions" to celebrate.  One of them is Chase's Calendar of Events, published annually by McGraw Hill.  Today there is an entry that I thought was very good for most of us who are over 10 months past our annual New Year's Resolutions.  At this point, I don't even know what I resolved to accomplish this year (which means I didn't do it), but today is the day proving that it's not too late.

Today is National Kick Butt Day.  No, this doesn't mean go out and kick someone's butt.  It instead is directed at YOU.  According to the listing in Chase's Calendar of Events "On this day we commit to kicking ourselves in the butt to take action on goals we've set and not achieved, actions we've committed to but not taken, promises we've made and not kept, excuses we've created that have us stalled and difficulties we've faced and not overcome.  This is the day we get our butts in gear and move forward in out lives.  No butts about it!" 

Further research of this "holiday" led me to Sylvia Henderson's website Spring Board Training(http://www.springboardtraining.com/).  Ms. Henderson is a motivational speaker who provides "interpersonal skills for workplace, professional, & relationship success. We help people SHOW that they are as great as they say they are!"  Her site offers alot of information and is definitely worth taking a look around.

So get to kicking your butt in gear because you are as great as you say you are....do some great things and say how great you are!

...and celebrate!!

Luv Ya!!

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