16 August, 2012

Celebrating...kitchen gadgets

Yesterday, I found an article titled "Absurd Kitchen Gadgets" on the Yahoo newsfeed. The items that were listed were just at or under $10, so it's fun and cheap! Their list included Finger Food Party Plates, which is much like a teeny plate on a ring that you wear on your finger (Perpetual Kid), a Banana Bunker, and my favorite, the Condiment Gun (Amazon). The article features a few other items which can also add fun to your time in the kitchen. So take a peek at the article, which seems to have been summarized by a catalogue company, Kaboodle. Looks like an interesting site, if you're looking to shop. In the meantime, I'm going to order my condiment gun! Have fun in the kitchen!! Luv Ya!! Pixxa

15 August, 2012


According to Holidays for Everyday, today, August 15, 2012 is National Relaxation Day. Wow...there is so much that you can do to celebrate that...or---you could just relax! I'm opting for the latter. Luv Ya! Pixxa

05 August, 2012

Celebrating...Friendship Day

How appropriate that today is Friendship Day!! I just spent the weekend with the folks that I grew up with in my neighborhood. We spent our grammer school and high school years together and though we are now spread across the city and the country, we got together to celebrate us this weekend. We spent Friday evening bowling and yesterday we spent the day picnicing. It was great looking back at old memories and making new ones (the most outstanding incident of the day is the crazy storm that blew in all of a sudden and how we had to pack it up and move). But through it all, it was wonderful to be a part of a group of friends that have been friends fo so long (we were celebrating out 50th birthdays). A little about Friendship Day (taken from http://www.friendshipday.org) Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in US in 1935. Gradually the festival gained popularity and today Friendship Day is celebrated in large number of countries including India. On this day people spend time with their friends and express love for them. Exchange of Friendship Day Gifts like flowers, cards and wrist bands is a popular tradition of this occasion. I don't know anyone who personally celebrates Friendship Day, but now you have an entire year, to think of a special way to celebrate your friends. In the meantime, I'd like to thank YOU for your friendship!! Luv Ya!! Pixxa

02 August, 2012


Today is one of my friend's birthday. I can imagine the festivities because for her, everything is PINK! And sparkly! Have you ever thought of planning a celebration around a color? Pink is easy. There's pink punch, pink frosting, pink cold cuts...you can even make pink bread. Everyone you invite should be dressed from head to toe in (you guessed it), pink! You can serve your beverages in pink glasses and your food on pink plates. Don't forget the pink balloons and pink streamers and pink napkins and table clothes. And round it off with a pink favor of some sort so that all of the attendees can remember their pink event. Not into pink? This theme can easily transfer to any color. Or take it a step further. Have a pot luck party and have everyone bring something that is their favorite color. Could be interesting! Just know that celebrations don't have to be big. You can celebrate the simplest of things...including the color pink. Happy Birthday Cheryl!! Luv Ya!! Pixxa

30 July, 2012

Celebrating...getting back on track

I guess it's been a minute since I've blogged.  Sorry!  I've allowed things to get in the way, but now I am even more determined to get my blog on track.  In fact, I've set a goal to have 1000 followers by the end of this year!  Quite an aggressive goal since in the 4 years that I've been blogging, I've not topped 100.  But I plan to celebrate the new year with the accomplishment of this goal.

So I've missed quite a few celebrations...yesterday was Milk Chocolate Day.  Oh my...how could I not remind you of that?!!  Well, there's still a few more minutes in today, so I will mention that today is National Cheesecake Day.  I am not a big cheesecake fan, but I know that most people LOVE cheesecake, so hopefully you can still have a teeny celebration.  If not, there's nothing wrong in celebrating it another day.  Trust me, I will certainly be celebration Milk Chocolate Day for the rest of the week!! 

No matter what you choose to celebrate...just do it (no matter how late)!!

Love Ya!!

28 May, 2012

Celebrate celebrating,,,with FFIonline.com

Hi!  I know that it has been a while, but I have been working on some things...one of which is creating a portfolio for FFIonline.com, a GREAT place to order invitations and party favors for your most special occasions.  Shutterfly.com offers high quality photobooks and I just ordered one that showcases ffionline's portfolio. 

Take a peek:

Click here to view this photo book larger

And while you're at it, hop on over to the website so that you can see what we do for you...now or in the future! 

Celebrate celebrating!!
Luv Ya!!

26 April, 2012

Celebrating...Cinco de Mayo

Hi all!  I was just spending time at my latest vice (pinterest.com) and saw the cutest thing for Cinco de Mayo.  Here's a picture and a link.

The site where I found the recipe is She Knows Food & Recipes.  It's a bit time consuming, but look at them...the effort is so worth it!!!  You've got a few days---make it happen!! 

Luv Ya!!

05 April, 2012

Celebrating...Easter Celebrations

Easter is this Sunday.  I know that most people have plans to do a family dinner, but why not take that extra step to make your celebration a bit more special?  Event Designer Sandra Downie of TheWhiteLibrary.com appeared on her local news in a segment, Entertaining for Easter at Home on a Budget (http://www.ctnow.com/news/morningextra/ctn-easter-decorations-cheap-0404,0,7803713.story).  Such cute ideas and numerous resources.  Hope you find an idea or two to add to your celebration!!

Happy Easter!!

Luv Ya!!

30 March, 2012

Just a smile!

Saw this on facebook and (surprise) it brought a smile to my face.

The happiness from the little things is amazing!!  Have a wonderful day!!

Luv Ya!!

10 March, 2012

Celebrating...garden alternatives

Spring is almost in the air.  We had a few warm days last week and are supposed to have a few this coming week.  With Spring coming, it's a good time to start thinking of the outdoors, new growth and gardening.  My Mother was a fabulous gardener.  I have no green thumb.  But in the Spring, I would take great joy in helping Mom plan her garden, watching the first tulips peek through the ground (I LOVE tulips), and planting the new plants of the season.  But that was it for me.  Occasionally I would join my Mom as she weeded and on even rarer instances, I would drag the hoses to water the flower beds.  But since my Mom's been gone, the gardens have gone relatively untouched.  One year, I did buy new flowers and planted them.  I think I watered them once.  They died. 

As I was scanning the latest postings at http://www.pinterest.com/, I saw a picture that led to a post about gardens without a yard.  Here's one photo (courtesy http://www.readymade.com/). 

Such a cool idea.  I wonder if I would take care of these.  Probably not.  But if you're interested in checking out the other ways to garden without a yard, visit ReadyMade.com

Wishing you happy gardening...whether you have a yard or not!! 

Luv Ya!

06 March, 2012

Celebrating...100 Years of Oreos

Happy 100th Birthday to the Oreo Cookie!!  It's been 100 years today since the Oreo cookie was introduced to the world!!  Two dark chocolate cookies sealed together with a luscious creamy filling...yum!  Did you twist them apart and eat the creamy center first?  Or did you dunk the intact cookie into a tall, cold glass of milk?  I like to save the best for last so I would twist the cookie apart and scrape the creamy center onto my finger, eat the cookie parts and then eat the cream filling. And I must admit that I still eat them this way today.

Through the years there have been many additions to the Oreo line...Double Stuf...mint...fudge covered...holiday versions with differently decorated cookies and a variety of color fillings...there's even a Golden Oreo Cookie.  So many cookies...so little time!!

This site has a few interesting facts about the Oreo.  And Wikipedia has a listing of the various iterations and flavors and variations.  Who knew that there was a Banana Split Oreo?  Wikipedia also lists the various forms that Oreos have taken...such as Oreo Sippers (straws that give your milk an Oreo flavor), cereal (Oreos for breakfast?) and pie crusts.  It's interesting, in a useless information kind of way, to read about the Oreo and see all of the countries where this cookie lives.

So join in the celebration of the birth of America's best selling cookie (with over 491 billion sold they must be doing something right), read a little history and by all means stop by your local store and pick up a package!  You might be fortunate enough to find the Birthday Oreos with the birthday cake flavored filling and sprinkles inside! 

Happy 100 years Oreo!!  Wishing you at least 100 more!!

Luv Ya!!

04 March, 2012


This year has taken off and I don't know why I can't keep up!  It's March already!!  Wow...I can hardly believe that 2012 has already gone thru 2 months!  But here we are.  How have YOU been?  I hope that 2012 has been shaping up to be a great year for you!

So have you checked out what is currently being dubbed as the next great thing in social media, pinterest.com?  OMG!!  I have had to limit myself to only a few hours a week because it is super easy to get lost there and 3-4 hours later wonder where the time went.  If you haven't checked it out hop on over.  And if you want an invitation to join, just let me know. 

Okay, the weather is kind of weird with the winter-spring-winter daily rotation and I was surfing a few websites and found a link to something that I really would love to go in the kitchen and make right now...but I don't have any ginger---drat!  So, I thought I would share with you...a recipe for mini gingerbread donuts.  Here's a pix...

Photo from Pinch of Yum

Yummy looking, right?!!  And the coziness of gingerbread seems so appropriate for right now.  Fresh, warm, baked, gingerbread donuts...okay, I must stop!!  But guess what I am adding to my grocery list?!! 

Wishing you a wonderful March!!

Luv Ya!

10 February, 2012

Celebrate...an inspiring story

Dropping in with a quick note.  I just happened upon a blog post that I thought was so inspiring that I wanted to share.  Seems like a cute blog too...but with a name like Sweetology, how could you go wrong?  Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.  The Cupcake Club

Luv Ya!!

31 January, 2012

Celebrating...Super Bowl Idea

Super Bowl is this weekend...are you ready for some football?  Well, the players are warming up in Indianapolis.  Have you started your plans for the game?  Well, actually, I am more of a Super Bowl commercial fan, but you get the idea.  Anyway, I just came acrossan article that had a really cool idea that I've never seen before. 

A stadium shaped deli platter!  So very cute!  There is an article with pictures of a few other examples...in case you are thinking about building your own stadium for the big day!!

Celebrate with a stadium!!

Luv Ya!!

19 January, 2012

Celebrating...kindness---pass it on!

One of my Facebook friends posted this and I thought I'd share it...afterall, it's celebrating the little things that can mean the most.

Be kind...you never know how it might come back to you!

Luv Ya!!

17 January, 2012

Celebrating...in a mug

Here's something quick for you.  It's perfect when you want just a no-fuss little celebratory treat.

Hope that you enjoy!!

Luv Ya!!

16 January, 2012

Celebrating...mid month

So the first month of the new year is half over.  Time to check on yourself to see how you are holding up with those new year resolutions.  Today, I am letting Stephanie take over for me so we can see how on (or off) track she is.

Hi all and thanks Pixxa for letting me post today.  I must admit that I have not performed like I should be and this week, I will be changing to make sure I get back on target.  I haven't been blogging like I want, I certainly haven't been exercising and I haven't yet started being in touch with friends outside of facebook and email.  However yesterday I did start with my new recipe a week.  It wasn't a total success, but it wasn't a failure!!  I made lasagna soup.  Unfortunately, I had no "soup" (liquid), but the pasta and meat sauce were pretty good in my opinion!!  Here's a picture:

Today I have to figure out what I'm making next week so I can go grocery shopping! 

So how are you doing with your resolutions? 

I'd like to leave you with this copied from a friend's facebook post...
The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.  ---Martin Luther King Jr.

Hope you are having a wonderful Martin Luther King Day, celebrating his vision is an appropriate way!!


04 January, 2012

Celebrating...self reflection

By now you are probably used to me passing on links to sites where I've found information that I think might be helpful.  And usually these links revolve around food, so I absolutely jumped at the chance to share a link to something that wasn't food related.

January is the time for new beginnings and is typically a time for self-reflection, so imagine my delight when I found a blog, Personal Excellence, that offered 101 Important Questions To Ask Yourself In Life.  Some of the questions are easy and you'll have answers right away, but there are a few that will cause you to think about what it is you want in life.  And who knows what else you might find while you visit.

So do something that we so seldom do...take a little time for yourself and grab some paper and a pencil and a steaming hot cup of coffee and ask away!!  You might be surprised at what you learn about you!!

Celebrate you!!

Love Ya!!

03 January, 2012

Celebrating...how many more days until Christmas

Just found a cute site so that you can keep track so that Christmas doesn't sneak up on you next year!

Make sure you bookmark it so you can refer to it from time to time! 

Luv Ya!!

02 January, 2012

Celebrating...resolving to lose weight

It has been researched that losing weight is among the top 10 New Year's Resolutions. So it should come as no surprise that 1/2/12, the first non-holiday day of the year, is used as weigh-in day.  This is the day used to set the benchmark for the weight loss that individuals hope to accomplish for the year. 

At this time of year, there is alot of information floating around to help with weight loss.  My suggestion, however, is to be smart.  The weight didn't come on overnight and it took you a while to get out of shape, so make sure you take the proper time to modify your eating habits and increase your exercise habits so that your hard work to improve will stick! 

Join a recipe site like http://www.food.com/ or http://www.allrecipes.com/ or some other site and seek out more healthy recipe options.One of the things I plan to do this year is to try out a new recipe every week.  I think this will help make my "eat healthier" goal more fun and will help me to look forward to some of my meal planning.

As for exercising, start slowly.  Just by adding 10-15 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a week, you'll see a big difference.  And once you start to see a difference, you'll start increasing the amount of time that you exercise.  My suggestion is to try doing different things to keep exercise from being boring or getting monotonous.  Try walking one day, the next day crank up your favorite song and dance, dance, dance.  Take up swimming or skating.  The next day play some ping pong---just start moving your body!!

Most of all, just stay committed to your goal.  Don't be too hard on yourself and don't set-up a regimine that is too strict and too difficult to follow.  And if you slip, don't give up!!  Just pick yourself up...dust yourself off...and start all over!!  And pretty soon, you'll fall into your rhythm, get used to your new lifestyle change, and hit the (realistic) goals that you set for yourself! 

Celebrate the journey!

Luv Ya!!

01 January, 2012

Celebrating...the birth of a new year...2012!!

Happy New Year!!  That's right...just a few hours ago we all did the countdown and here we are in a brand new year.  Since this is the first day of the rest of your year, I thought I would share some traditions with you from around the world---and I found the perfect video!

And if you'd like more information, check out the accompanying article at CNN article

Wishing you a 2012 that is filled with nothing but smiles, happiness and all of your dreams and desires!!

Happy New Year!!
Luv Ya!!