30 March, 2012

Just a smile!

Saw this on facebook and (surprise) it brought a smile to my face.

The happiness from the little things is amazing!!  Have a wonderful day!!

Luv Ya!!

10 March, 2012

Celebrating...garden alternatives

Spring is almost in the air.  We had a few warm days last week and are supposed to have a few this coming week.  With Spring coming, it's a good time to start thinking of the outdoors, new growth and gardening.  My Mother was a fabulous gardener.  I have no green thumb.  But in the Spring, I would take great joy in helping Mom plan her garden, watching the first tulips peek through the ground (I LOVE tulips), and planting the new plants of the season.  But that was it for me.  Occasionally I would join my Mom as she weeded and on even rarer instances, I would drag the hoses to water the flower beds.  But since my Mom's been gone, the gardens have gone relatively untouched.  One year, I did buy new flowers and planted them.  I think I watered them once.  They died. 

As I was scanning the latest postings at http://www.pinterest.com/, I saw a picture that led to a post about gardens without a yard.  Here's one photo (courtesy http://www.readymade.com/). 

Such a cool idea.  I wonder if I would take care of these.  Probably not.  But if you're interested in checking out the other ways to garden without a yard, visit ReadyMade.com

Wishing you happy gardening...whether you have a yard or not!! 

Luv Ya!

06 March, 2012

Celebrating...100 Years of Oreos

Happy 100th Birthday to the Oreo Cookie!!  It's been 100 years today since the Oreo cookie was introduced to the world!!  Two dark chocolate cookies sealed together with a luscious creamy filling...yum!  Did you twist them apart and eat the creamy center first?  Or did you dunk the intact cookie into a tall, cold glass of milk?  I like to save the best for last so I would twist the cookie apart and scrape the creamy center onto my finger, eat the cookie parts and then eat the cream filling. And I must admit that I still eat them this way today.

Through the years there have been many additions to the Oreo line...Double Stuf...mint...fudge covered...holiday versions with differently decorated cookies and a variety of color fillings...there's even a Golden Oreo Cookie.  So many cookies...so little time!!

This site has a few interesting facts about the Oreo.  And Wikipedia has a listing of the various iterations and flavors and variations.  Who knew that there was a Banana Split Oreo?  Wikipedia also lists the various forms that Oreos have taken...such as Oreo Sippers (straws that give your milk an Oreo flavor), cereal (Oreos for breakfast?) and pie crusts.  It's interesting, in a useless information kind of way, to read about the Oreo and see all of the countries where this cookie lives.

So join in the celebration of the birth of America's best selling cookie (with over 491 billion sold they must be doing something right), read a little history and by all means stop by your local store and pick up a package!  You might be fortunate enough to find the Birthday Oreos with the birthday cake flavored filling and sprinkles inside! 

Happy 100 years Oreo!!  Wishing you at least 100 more!!

Luv Ya!!

04 March, 2012


This year has taken off and I don't know why I can't keep up!  It's March already!!  Wow...I can hardly believe that 2012 has already gone thru 2 months!  But here we are.  How have YOU been?  I hope that 2012 has been shaping up to be a great year for you!

So have you checked out what is currently being dubbed as the next great thing in social media, pinterest.com?  OMG!!  I have had to limit myself to only a few hours a week because it is super easy to get lost there and 3-4 hours later wonder where the time went.  If you haven't checked it out hop on over.  And if you want an invitation to join, just let me know. 

Okay, the weather is kind of weird with the winter-spring-winter daily rotation and I was surfing a few websites and found a link to something that I really would love to go in the kitchen and make right now...but I don't have any ginger---drat!  So, I thought I would share with you...a recipe for mini gingerbread donuts.  Here's a pix...

Photo from Pinch of Yum

Yummy looking, right?!!  And the coziness of gingerbread seems so appropriate for right now.  Fresh, warm, baked, gingerbread donuts...okay, I must stop!!  But guess what I am adding to my grocery list?!! 

Wishing you a wonderful March!!

Luv Ya!