10 March, 2012

Celebrating...garden alternatives

Spring is almost in the air.  We had a few warm days last week and are supposed to have a few this coming week.  With Spring coming, it's a good time to start thinking of the outdoors, new growth and gardening.  My Mother was a fabulous gardener.  I have no green thumb.  But in the Spring, I would take great joy in helping Mom plan her garden, watching the first tulips peek through the ground (I LOVE tulips), and planting the new plants of the season.  But that was it for me.  Occasionally I would join my Mom as she weeded and on even rarer instances, I would drag the hoses to water the flower beds.  But since my Mom's been gone, the gardens have gone relatively untouched.  One year, I did buy new flowers and planted them.  I think I watered them once.  They died. 

As I was scanning the latest postings at http://www.pinterest.com/, I saw a picture that led to a post about gardens without a yard.  Here's one photo (courtesy http://www.readymade.com/). 

Such a cool idea.  I wonder if I would take care of these.  Probably not.  But if you're interested in checking out the other ways to garden without a yard, visit ReadyMade.com

Wishing you happy gardening...whether you have a yard or not!! 

Luv Ya!

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Georgia Girl said...

I enjoyed this post! Thanks Pixxa!