02 August, 2012


Today is one of my friend's birthday. I can imagine the festivities because for her, everything is PINK! And sparkly! Have you ever thought of planning a celebration around a color? Pink is easy. There's pink punch, pink frosting, pink cold cuts...you can even make pink bread. Everyone you invite should be dressed from head to toe in (you guessed it), pink! You can serve your beverages in pink glasses and your food on pink plates. Don't forget the pink balloons and pink streamers and pink napkins and table clothes. And round it off with a pink favor of some sort so that all of the attendees can remember their pink event. Not into pink? This theme can easily transfer to any color. Or take it a step further. Have a pot luck party and have everyone bring something that is their favorite color. Could be interesting! Just know that celebrations don't have to be big. You can celebrate the simplest of things...including the color pink. Happy Birthday Cheryl!! Luv Ya!! Pixxa

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